July 28, 2011

Nice poem...

This, This, This makes That

You are in a body
the body is on this planet and in the middle of space

you think about that
a lot

Things happen
all the time

what are you going to do about it
your heart keeps beating
it must be a sign

it is certainly certain
that it is happening, that you are thinking,
your heart is beating,
and that you are in a body with your feet connected to the ground

the ground that makes plants and life
you can see it certainly is a living world
and you are part of it
beating with it right now

There is a sound that is all around made from everything
it is a gentle lullaby
it puts you to sleep
after a day with its imperfections and things to be grateful for
it will swim around with the beat of your heart as you let the day go and slow everything down

And I don’t know
not you, not me
Everything, Everything

And there is more ahead and more behind
because time goes both ways for all time

If anyone has any questions about why I would write this poem for my press release or about the connection between these words and the way in which I fill up the space to make the physical poem of the show and why I would want to do all the work leading up to this exhibit (all of which I call magic) I will be at the opening and would definitely be very happy to discuss with anyone.

Be well,
Chris Johanson Los Angeles May 12. 2011

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