December 13, 2008

Last year...with Malick Sidibe.

尊敬する写真家、Malick Sidibeに会うために彼の家を訪ねた。
そしてなによりも、偉大な写真家、Malick Sidibeの素晴らしさを心から実感した忘れられない1日になりました。


I was in bamako, Mali on 13th Dec last year.
The day I visited my favorite photographer, Malick Sidibe, at his home.
I received a warm welcome. Even it was hard to communicate.
Cause he speaks french.and I dont.but his son, Dia, translate for us.
He introduced me all his wives.(he has four wives! and 14 children!)
and talk about photography...
I understand why people looks happy on his photographs on that day.
Quality time.
I will never forget that day.

and Today i went to the show of Kads Miida.
Its always good to see his works and hear some story.

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